Dyno Services

Richmond Motorsports offers professional EFI and Carb tuning using our EC977 Mustang Dynamometer and Advanced Tuning Software.

Dynamometer or (dyno for short) is a diagnostic tool that allows us to simulate riding the motorcycle on the road in a controlled environment. From a full stop to full throttle in every gear. The Dynamometer monitors and records rear wheel horsepower, engine torque, wheel speed, RPM, and most importantly air fuel ratio (AFR) through numerous computer systems connected to the motorcycle. 
EC977 Mustang Dynamometer - 19.75" Rolls, 225-mph,1,000-hp






A Dyno is the only way to ensure your performance components work together and deliver the performance boost you expect. A Dyno is also the only way to run your motorcycle under load while stationary.  What does this mean? ....Richmond Motorsports can test and tune your vehicle for driveability and wide open throttle (WOT) to improve performance, fuel economy, and maximum safe horsepower and torque. Using our Wide Band Oxygen Sensor we can measure and adjust the air fuel mixture (AFR) throughout the RPM range to optimize your vehicle. 

MOTORCYCLES - includes setup $150.00 per hr

EFI Tuning Capabilities

Remove Factory Timing Retard
* Remove Throttle Restrictions
* Increased Idle
* Increased Rev Limit
* Remove Speed Limiters (Gear Dependent)
* Reduce Excessive Engine Braking/Improved Deceleration
* Improved Throttle Control & Reaction
* Remove Injector Shut-Off on Deceleration
* Eliminate Factory “Error codes” (ex. exhaust valve, steering damper)
* Improved Fuel Maps
* Improved Ignition Maps
* Injector Phasing Adjustment
* Velocity Stack Switching Adjustment (Variable Stacks Only)
* Race Fuel Mapping Accommodations