Dyno Services

Richmond Motorsports offers professional EFI and Carb tuning performed by owner Len Bertrand of " LENBERT DYNO TUNING"

Dynamometer or (dyno for short) is a diagnostic tool that allows us to simulate riding the motorcycle on the road in a controlled environment. From a full stop to full throttle in every gear. The Dynamometer monitors and records rear wheel horsepower, engine torque, wheel speed, RPM, and most importantly air fuel ratio (AFR) through numerous computer systems connected to the motorcycle. 
EC977 Mustang Dynamometer - 19.75" Rolls, 225-mph,1,000-hp






A Dyno is the only way to ensure your performance components work together and deliver the performance boost you expect. A Dyno is also the only way to run your motorcycle under load while stationary.  What does this mean? ....Richmond Motorsports can test and tune your vehicle for driveability and wide open throttle (WOT) to improve performance, fuel economy, and maximum safe horsepower and torque. Using our Wide Band Oxygen Sensor we can measure and adjust the air fuel mixture (AFR) throughout the RPM range to optimize your vehicle. 

MOTORCYCLES - includes setup $150.00 per hr

Motorcycle Dyno Tuning Pricing as follows:


-Stock ECU with Interceptor type device, ( ie Power Commander, Bazzaz, etc )  Street bikes $399, Race bikes $299 

-Additional Map for bikes with dual map capability if requested + $100 

Interceptor type devices are a lower cost method of refining Air/Fuel ratio's to optimize popular add-ons like exhaust, air filters in engines that are otherwise stock internally. They also allow you to return our bike to stock easily and because your original tune remains in the ECU they won't affect the warranty. Listed below are changes that we have access to but some versions only allow fuel control :
* Improved Throttle response & Rideability
* Reduce backfiring on Deceleration
* Revised Fuel & Ignition Maps to accommodate modifications and increase HP

-ECU Direct Tuning - $150 per hr + firmware and licence to unlock ECU

This is a more costly way to tune your bike but allows us much more in depth adjustment's beyond Fuel and Spark usually only accessible with interceptor type controllers. Keep in mind, because your factory ECU is being re-programed it can void the warranty on a newer bike and therefore interceptor type devices may be preferable. Some of the popular adjustments we make in re-programing your ECU are listed below:
Remove Factory Timing Retard
* Remove Throttle Restrictions
* Increased Rev Limit
* Remove Speed Limiters (Gear Dependent)
* Reduce Excessive Engine Braking
* Improved Throttle Control & Response
* Revised Fuel & Ignition Maps to accommodate modifications and increase HP

For further details, recommendations and booking contact Len at Richmond Motorsports - 613-838-9996