Rear Wheel Horsepower

Power is at its best when it is efficiently transmitted to the wheels – that is, to the rear-wheels of a rear-wheel drive vehicle with a brawny in-line transmission and a high stall speed torque converter. Many of the grass roots mechanics amongst us would argue that power in any other form is an aberration. For those of us that assign ourselves the task of maintaining late-model muscle car traditions, the MD-1100 series answers the call with a sticky, knurled 30-inch drum for handling those vehicles that you dare not drive at full throttle anywhere else. The MD-1100’s impressive 2,500-hp and 225-mph speed capacities are more than enough to handle the RWD power market with ease.

Sport Compacts

Sport compact tuning is a serious business, and it is likely the most visible performance market in the world today, which is why the 1100 is designed for testing anything and everything front-wheel drive.  The single roller design protects against clearance concerns while the larger 30-inch roller maximizes the traction potential for those higher horsepower cars out there.  More importantly, the 1100 is a low inertia dynamometer, so there is no concern with the poor resolution and load stability issues often associated with larger roller dynamometers. The 1100 merges large roller benefits (traction) with low inertia advantages (resolution) into one dynamometer.

Diesel Performance Tuning

Over the last five years the Diesel Performance market has grown at an impressive rate, and there doesn’t seem to be enough torque and power on the planet to quench the thirst of these Diesel Performance enthusiasts.  Also impressive is the power gains that can be realized over stock with as little as a hand-held power programmer; and there is no better way to prove these gains than with an 1100 Series Chassis Dynamometer. Mustang’s 1100 offers extra large, 108-inch wide rollers for accommodating large dually diesel trucks.  The 1100’s center pull down system maximizes traction potential so your tires won’t slip.  Of course, spinner-upper inertia rollers are not the answer – so Mustang Dynamometer’s ever-present K250 Eddy Current Brake “holds-back” that diesel truck so the turbo will spool properly and build boost like you expect it to.  Feel like simulating a truck towing a boat up a 6% grade?  No problem, simply enter in the desired total mass to simulate and the desired grade and the 1100 Series will take care of the rest.

For years Mustang Dynamometer has been the dynamometer of choice in the Diesel Performance Market – just ask the likes of Gale Banks Engineering, Advanced Flow Engineering, BD Power, Bully Dog Diesel Performance, Predator Performance, ATS Diesel, and TST Products.  We are, without question, the diesel dynamometer experts and the 1100 Series Dynamometer can handle everything the Diesel Performance Market has to offer.

Testing Motorcycles

In fact, the 1100 was designed from its inception to include a unique, narrow roller design for testing motorcycles.  This unique roller has just the right amount of inertia, about 750-lbs, for accurately testing and tuning motorcycles without over-stressing the motorcycles drive-train.  This unique roller is directly attached to the 1100’s eddy current brake so steady state tuning is a snap.  The large 30-inch roll, 2,500-hp measurement capacity is perfect for testing those higher horsepower motorcycles that cannot be tested on traditional motorcycle dynamometers, and the 250-mph speed capacity certainly helps.  This motorcycle testing feature is invaluable for shops that service both the powersport and automotive performance markets.  Simply switch the dynamometer into motorcycle mode and you are ready to tune and test Harley-Davidson, Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, Big Dog, Victory, BMW and Kawasaki Motorcycles – or any typical Motorcycle for that matter.  In fact, when the optional “on-off” coupler is purchased the switch between motorcycle mode and car mode is as easy as a mouse click.