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The Z-Fi fuel controller is race-level fuel injector tuning. Benefits 'Wakes up' performance Crisp and responsive throttle Smooths out throttle transitions HP and torque gains How it Works Power is dependent on how well the air / fuel mixture is ignited in the cylinder. Air / fuel ratio (AFR) is controlled by the engine control unit (ECU). Bazzaz fuel controllers piggy back onto the Engine Control Unit (ECU), intercepting the signal sent to the fuel injectors and changing it. The precise data for these changes is stored in the Z-Fi fuel controller in the form of a fuel map. The Z-Fi comes pre-programmed with an enhanced fuel map for power gains and improved throttle response. Who needs it? Every vehicle can benefit from fuel tuning. Stock vehicles may come with a fuel / air mixture that is too lean or too rich in areas, affecting performance. Vehicles with any modifications (such as exhaust or high-flow filters) must have fuel tuned to accommodate the change in air to the AFR.

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