Richmond Motorsports is a unique, full service Motorsports dealer dedicated to personalized performance and care for your motorcycle, snowmobile or ATV. From mild to wild, our specialty services include; engine rebuilding, tuning, suspension, exhaust, customization, aftermarket parts and accessories, storage, general repair and more. Our wheel horse power Dyno and AFR testing & tuning ensures your custom setup delivers maximum safe performance for your motorcycle with work performed by experienced and qualified technicians with years of experience and WHO RIDE AND ARE RACERS THEMSELVES!   

Richmond Motorsports is also a REGISTERED ONTARIO MOTOR VEHICLE DEALER offering safety checks, vehicle transfers, motorcycle sales, trades, and accessible winter motorcycle storage. We carry fast moving items for your service or customization needs from industry leading suppliers and can get practically anything imaginable to make your bike your own. Got a special winter project in mind? Drop in or give us a call to discuss how we can help make your dream ride a reality.